Saturday, April 21, 2007

Police State NYC

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The scene: Bowery Street, near Bleeker, a sunny day, people casually walking about the city, a sudden fender bender.

A woman hits the back of an SUV. She seemed to have attempted to leave the scene. Unfortunately for her, the car behind her was an unmarked NYPD SUV. The police jump out of the car, night sticks drawn, and frantically screaming. They repeatedly yelled at the woman to open the car door, night sticks in hand, beating the window with the stick. The woman sat in silence, ignoring the police officer. The officer grows agitated. He becomes frantic and panics. He radios for help. Beats the window again, his face red with panic, yelling in a rage for the woman to open the door. Again, she sits calmly, hands on the wheel, without movement. Within moments, three, then five, then ten, and twelve police cruisers arrive on the scene, sirens wailing, police running, nightsticks drawn, confused, panicked, and disorganized.

They don't know how to get the woman out of the car.

A regular guy on the street, walks up and opens the passenger side door. The policemen then physically pulls the woman, now kicking and screaming, out of the car. She wails. Officers, one then two, struggle with the woman on the ground, finally handcuffing her, preparing to put her in the back of a cruiser. There may have been more than 15 cops for this one, 5 foot 2, 120 pound woman.

The police say the usual "Nothing to see here, move on. If you stay here, you're a witness." The crowd wonders, if there was nothing to see, why 15 police, 7 or 8 cruisers with sirens wailing, some yelling some screaming, and some confused with the rest standing around and watching. How many police does it take to handle a ordinary, common, what should be routine situation?

There seem to be too many police on the streets. In any situation, no matter how banal, it becomes police by the dozens on the scene, an NYPD version "shock and awe." Beyond that, they seem poorly trained and chronically panic stricken, nervous even. Night sticks drawn for a little woman. 15 police, some with the PR24s drawn to intimidate one woman in a fender bender.

This is a police state. In any situation, police are ready to swarm the area, grab the offender of society who broke the conformed sanctioned flow of NYC life and whisk them away into the state prison complex to await punishment.

We witnessed a similar scene last night in Brooklyn. The entire block filled with police cars for something that may have just been a ‘dine and dash’. Cops quickly entered the scene by the dozens, swarming like bees in a hive.

The point: any small infraction, and the State will crush you.

If the police get nervous and panicked over a small woman in a fender bender, it's no wonder that they could shoot 50+ bullets into an unarmed man on the night before his wedding.


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