Monday, June 19, 2006

As the article states,

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this is called "hedging your bets."
Excerpt: Some big companies are boosting their share of campaign contributions to Democrats this year, a sign that executives may be starting to hedge their political bets after a decade of supporting congressional Republicans.
Which goes to show that no matter who's in power, they all get paid.

And additionally, a Biden run for president annoys the hell out of me.
Excerpt: The next Democrat, whether it's me or Sen. Clinton or John Kerry, whomever -- the Democratic nominee -- they'd better be able to ante up right in front of the American people two things: security and faith," he said.
Security ONLY if it means "secure in your homes and privacy" and faith ONLY if it means "faith that the elections honestly reflect the will of the people."

When will we stop talking about security and start talking about why we're so damned insecure to begin with? When will we stop tossing religion in there just to make one tiny but vocal segment of the population happy?

It's all so annoying. Isn't there ANYONE else who gets this?


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