Monday, October 30, 2006

All that trouble in Mexico

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over the elections? Well, seems like there was a good reason why the Powers That Be wanted Calderon to win (and therefore, probably made it happen).
Excerpt: Even as popular pressure grows around Latin America for a stronger state hand in developing natural resources such as oil and gas, Mexico's president-elect Felipe Calderón may be forced to consider putting more power in private hands.

The country's flagship oil company Pemex, has been a point of pride since the industry was wrenched from foreign hands and nationalized in 1938. Its revenues alone cover one-third of Mexico's budget.
But the most laughable part of the article was this:
Excerpt: Experts say that American companies are watching oil production in Mexico, but because of politics, cannot interfere by pushing for more foreign participation. If the US needed to purchase oil from more-distant countries, additional transportation costs would be passed onto the consumer, Baker says.
I barely got through that whole paragraph. The bit about politics keeping them from interfering made me do a spit-take.


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