Thursday, October 19, 2006

Watching Ashcroft on Daily Show

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And my blood is boiling.

Overall, he's quite the disingenuous guy. At one point he says "There those noble wars, like the Civil War, that one where we were fighting to release people from oppression." (I paraphrase) And my blood just started to go. I mean, the very premises of the Iraq war, what they base our presence there, democracy, liberation, etc., is such a load a crap and they BASE that kind of thinking on the false belief that something like the Civil War was noble because of the slave issue and we're quite in the habit of fight for noble causes. Well, helllooooo, the Civil War had VERY little to do with the slaves and everything to do with trade issues. The south had free labor and could undercut the north every single time. They were trading with Europe and winning because their overhead was so low. THAT's the "nobility" of the Civil War folks. It was only ostensibly about freeing the slaves. But as long as we, as a people, cling to false glorifications about previous wars, we'll never overcome anything, because maybe so many of us believed, way back in our tiny little brains, that we were doing SOME good for the Iraqis by getting rid of Saddam. That there was some nobility to it, and THAT'S why we let this happen. why we didn't fight the Bush regime hard enough.

War isn't noble. War is about economics and power. And not our economics, but the banker's economics. And not our power, but our ruler's power. And now we have no constitution left. And now we have a veritable police state and a half million Iraqis are dead and the middle east is covered with depleted uranium, and China is pissed, and now Kim has the bomb and, and, and, {POP!}

Read Billmon while I clean up the mess of my exploded head.


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