Friday, October 27, 2006

We went to see "Hell House" last nite

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"Hell House" is a sort of evangelical version of a house of horrors, only instead of vampires and ghosts, you have botched abortions and gay marriage. Here's a review of it in the Village Voice (second story down).

I have to say, it was very creepy. Towards the end, when you're walking through hell, and the teenagers that had just 'killed' themselves were mourning their eternity in hell, it got very claustrophobic and tight. At the end, when you're offered 'salvation' and led out of the darkness, it's such a relief. I can see how kids or teenagers who had grown up listening to "Jesus is Lord" etc. etc., that after going through that, the relief you feel after all the darkness and noise is extreme and could very well motivate a fence sitter into being "born again."

Now THAT's some scary crap.


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