Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well, well, well.

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It seems the dems actually did it last night, huh? (Good results tracking here.)

For one thing, how the hell did that little puke Lieberman win? Are people in Connecticut a bunch of morons? And Reynolds in upstate New York? WTF? I really think upstate NY should just merge with Connecticut already and be done with it. They have no business being part of the NY I know. Blackwell in Ohio is out and that's good. Katherine Harris spent her entire fortune to lose big-time. That's good. Santorum is out. That's just deelightful. But all of that's just silly stuff.

Best thing about this is for one brief moment in time, a bunch of incumbents just got told "here's your pink slip." Though, we all know that by the time the new guys get sworn in, the old guys will have jobs on K Street and they'll be making more money and will have just as much power over our political system.

I don't want to be downer, but we really have to look at what we've really won: A broken economy, a broken social system, a broken tax system, a broken war.

Yes, revel if you must. The dems have won and won big. (So big, the machines couldn't fake it.) I too am experiencing some schadenfruede. But let's not lose our perspective -- centrist dems are no different than moderate republicans. Our government's policies will still favor the rich and will still favor big business. The only difference being that a few more cookies will be tossed at the middle and lower class and the assaults won't be as "in your face" as they have been.

The only thing that will make me completely happy about this result is if there is such a flurry of subpoena action that the white house is literally buried in paper and when Bush and Cheney finally climb out of the pile, they will be greeted by handcuffs and escorted to The Hague.

Think I'll ever be happy?


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