Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I agree, but you go first ...

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Bush Says Iraqis Must Reject Religious Extremism
Sheesh, where does one start with such an insane dichotomy? Bush declared his war on Iraq a crusade, he made public funds for religious schools a priority of his malAdministration, and he established the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives!

Which leads directly to another moron saying:
The Bible Is The American Way!
No, it's not. Our country was founded, at best, by deists, but mainly it was founded by folks who wanted freedom of/from religion, (See "Church of England" AKA 'I'm going to split from the pope because I have a heir-brained idea' or as I like to call it, 'they should have bought a coup instead of a tudor.'), it's enshrined in the Constitution as the 1st Amendment.

Sure, Iraqis should reject religious extremism, but so should Americans ... starting with the President.


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