Saturday, December 09, 2006

Movie Review: Apocalypto

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Honestly? Not so bad. I barely noticed it was almost two and half hours long. It's lovely, it's suspenseful, it's interesting. But I tell you one thing, Mel Gibson is completely nuts and he's fantastically violent. And Mad Max is never far from Mr. Gibson's psyche. If you haven't noticed, almost all of Gibson's movies are just variations on the Mad Max theme: Great life. Great wife. Wife gets murdered. Gibson goes crazy, bat-shit violent. Behold: The Patriot? Mad Max with a musket. Braveheart? Mad Max in a kilt. Lethal Weapon? Mad Max with a magnum. So there you have it. Gibson has made a sort of genre out of Mad Max. Kind of like film noir, only a bazillion times more noir. Really, high cringe-factor noir.

We recommend it. It made an impression and images and feelings from the movie hung around afterwards, which for me, is a sign that the movie was pretty good. The movie should be seriously looked at for cinematography and set design.

Now, as far as an upcoming movie goes, we saw previews for 300 and it looked awesome!


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