Friday, January 19, 2007


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Honestly, suing homeless people for millions is just plain mean.
Excerpt: A high-end antique dealer on the Upper East Side is suing four unnamed homeless people for $1 million on the grounds that they've driven away customers by loitering on the sidewalk in "old, warn, and unsanitary clothing and cardboard boxes and old blankets which they convert into sleeping accommodations."
There has to be a special room in hell for these people. Though, they will be joined by the people who are evicting a 94 year old man from an apartment he's lived in for decades because they want to raise the rent.
Excerpt:Diomede is being kicked out of the 84 Warren St. building by the grandchildren of the long-gone best friend who let him move in 20 years ago. Diomede and that childhood pal never signed a formal lease, and now the man’s grandchildren want to evict Diomede and raise the rent, he said.
Greedy evil bastards.


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