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Guest Post by Oscar Wilde

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Miracles In Missouri
A story with borders.

No more queues at the airport, no more long flights, and no more mingling with those left wing pacifist pinko French.

If you had planned to visit Lourdes that is. No more changing dollars for those queer looking Euros, given the confidence in Dubya's Dollars, just as well.

No, stop at home, because if you're looking for miracles they be right here on your doorstep; its all happening in Missouri.

It's all happening if we are to believe this latest example of brain washing and child abuse.

Perhaps you may wish to view this little clip, hosted by the bastion of reason and light, this fine upstanding example of the Christian right, going about his daily business of conning dollars from little old ladies and other misguided souls, the very same fellow that not only talks to God, but actually has a two way conversation.

"The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that."

Yes it is he, Pastor Pat Robertson, who might I add seems to have a selective memory of the scriptures, never more so than when recalling, eyes of needles, camels, rich men and the Kingdom of Heaven. (Matthew 19:24) But I digress, for this article is not about Robertson, no indeed, it is about brainwashing masquerading as miracles.

Let us examine a few things from the transcript.
Pastor Carol Koch's church kids played a prominent role in the documentary, and she points out they weren't worshipping Bush, but praying for him, as they would for any American president. "It's all about honoring (sic) that Scripture that tells them to pray for those who are in authority," said Pastor Koch, who believes we should be equipping this generation to pray.

Not even a hint of subtlety in that one pastor; "pray for those in authority"

Pray for those in authority indeed, never question "Authority." Never question that "Authority" might come in a guise of a President that boasts an IQ of a lentil, just do as he wishes. Just pick up your musket, go over the top without question and come home in a flag draped box.

Oh and whilst you're at it, don't question what's written in this book, after all there is no greater authority than the Big Fellow.

And the founder of Jesus Camp, Becky Fischer, says she was teaching the kids to do spiritual warfare against Satan and his demons, not against flesh and blood enemies.

Ah yes, the bogey man again.

But what both women think believers will see through the cloud of controversy is that God wants to, and is, moving in a radical new way among children -- that He's expecting churches to stop treating kids like second- class Christians -- that they can hear from God and do great deeds for Him just like older believers.

Sorry Pat, it seems you don't have the monopoly on a direct line.

Lenny said, "We now have children who are being moved by God in such a way in healing the sick, and hearing His voice and praying for their nations and praying for their cities."

Yes of course, miracles in Missouri.

By now, the children have seen enough answered prayers, miracles, and healings to already have a steady faith that God is listening to them and working through them.

Now we are getting into really dangerous territory.
"I've seen people who've been scrunched over and then they've been prayed for, and they just stand up and they're like, 'Hey, I can stand straight!'" said Trevor Burge. "They had a tumor.(sic) We prayed for them. They went home and went to the doctor, and the tumor was totally gone," said Samuel Jackson Hood. Donna Edwards is the choir teacher of the IHOP kids, but post-polio syndrome forced her to walk on crutches for several years until the kids prayed over her for 45 minutes one night. Edwards said, "I was able to totally lay down my crutches." "Thirty kids were marching around her, praying," Caleb Thill said. "We didn't want Donna to suffer," added Jerrod Demers.

Was that before she fell over? sorry wrong show, that was Benny Hinn I think.
Dalton Burge of Christ Triumphant Church went up to pray for two visitors suffering with abscessed teeth, who thought it was kind of cute, but "then they started feeling their mouths, and both of them had gotten healed," Koch said. CBN News visited families involved in an extremely active children's program at New Life Centre just outside St. Louis, and they've seen wonders, too. A few weeks ago, a kitchen accident seriously burned Shelley Hunt's finger and caused painful blistering. Her kids prayed for her. "Instantly, the redness went away, the pain went away, and it was just like the skin had never, ever been burned - in front of my kids' eyes," she said. Eric Hunt said, "I grew up in a Pentecostal home and always knew that God was real and that God did great things, but now I'm seeing them in my own family." Fischer says children are yearning for this kind of active relationship with the Lord. She said, "They're looking for extreme encounters with God." Koch believes if just 10 churches in every state activate programs like these that get children so close to the Lord; it'll set off a major renewal across the land. "In 10 years or less, we will have a generation of children which will be the key that's going to change our nation," Koch said.
The last time I heard an agenda like that it involved blue-eyed blond haired kids.

But Fischer warns without this turn to a radical walk with Jesus, the future could well be lost.

Of course, the thousand year Reich.

"Seventy percent of the kids who are raised in Christian churches vacate the church when they become teenagers and young adults, and they never set foot in church again." Fischer explained.

Why am I not surprised?

I don't think there is need for me to comment further, perhaps other than to echo Keith Olberman. Good night and good luck.

Oscar Wilde 14 January 07


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