Monday, March 19, 2007

Unfortunately, there's no cure for this White House

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President rejects health care proposal

The Bush administration on Wednesday rejected key recommendations from a citizens' group asked by Congress to find out people's health care wishes.

Suggestions included guaranteeing health coverage for specific checkups and treatments and protecting consumers from high medical expenses. The group released its report Sept. 29 after hearing from about 6,500 people at 84 meetings.
The group "chose an approach based on mandates and government intervention rather than an approach emphasizing consumer choice and options," Leavitt said.
So the people have spoken ... and Bush plainly won't listen, as usual. And the 'consumer choice and options' BS the misAdministration has previously pushed has resulted in record drug company profits and reduced coverage for the folks who need it the most.

Besides, if Bushco doesn't care about the wounded soldiers that his war of choice has rendered, why would they care about the rest of us!?

For a closer look at our options for the future check out Bush's health care plan not most effective: study


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