Monday, April 30, 2007

This should set your blood to boil

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I mean WOW.

Not like it's unexpected or anything, but it's just so... well, in your face. Back during the reign of GH Bush
Excerpt: Barlow says he continued to be engaged in trying to arrest more Pakistani nuclear agents. He also claims there were other examples of officials lying to Congress about Pakistan's nuclear program in order to keep aid flowing, but now there was a significant difference: The Afghan war was over, so there was no Cold War “justification” for continuing to shovel money at Pakistan. This time, he believes, it was simply about profit.

"They sold out the world for an F-16 sale," Barlow says.
The gist of the story is this: They were funneling money into Pakistan -- against the law because of the fact Pakistan had nukes -- and the main reason was greed. Pure and simple greed. And the guys who managed this fiasco are now running the country (Cheney, et al) and they guy who tried to be honest and stand up about it? Drummed out of his job, natch.



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