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A New Weapon in Iraq That's Russian-Made, Time to Start Being Afraid - Again?

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I have written many times before that the new Chinese-Russian collaborations in war games boded ill for the security of Americans and the United States. Both countries, but especially the Russians, have vowed that they will not stand by while America fulfills its imperial designs to steal and control the oil in the Middle East.

Today, from Raw Story comes a manifestation of Russia's desire to cause grief for American troops in Iraq. It's short so I'll post the entire article:
Although improvised explosive devices have until now been responsible for the majority of US casualties in Iraq, a new, armor-piercing hand grenade may pose an even greater threat.

CBS News reports that the Russian-made device is light enough to be thrown by a single insurgent standing alongside a road and is equipped with a parachute so that it falls vertically on its target and can take out even armored vehicles.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq has been eager to take credit for the use of these grenades, but the US Army is now confirming losses to the weapons as well.

The following video is from CBS's Evening News, broadcast on September 5. [Unfortunately I lack the technical ability to transfer the video that goes with this report. I encourage you to go to the link above and watch it. Bill]
Russia is now supplying al-Qaeda in Iraq with sophisticated weapons designed to negate any inherent advantage our troops would gain from having MRAPs with a rounded bottom to prevent IEDs implanted alongside roadways from penetrating the vehicle to prevent injury to our troops.

These armor-peircing grenades will come down from above to attack much less thick armor plating and armored glass and to continue or increase the fatality rates from their attacks. It also demonstrates why we are losing this war to insurgents smart enough to defeat every defensive measure Americans make, and in this case, it certainly would appear that Russia has no qualms about aiding in the defeat of the U.S. in Iraq.

Makes you wonder what kinds and numbers of highly sophisticated weaponry Russia and China may have already supplied to Iran, a country where Russia and China have extensive business ties.

Could there be a "rope-a-dope" strategy being put in place in Iran that will have catastrophic consequences for America when, not if, we attack Iran? Are there knock-out punch weapons in place that could devastate a carrier group or cause a slaughter of our troops in Iraq?

Only time will tell, but it sure has to make a person wonder doesn't it?

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