Thursday, October 04, 2007

Presidential torturing hurts our troops. Why does bush hate our troops?

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There is a marvelous, detailed article on the bush lead-up to okaying torture in todays NYTs that follows the convoluted, sick, twisted, pathologically perverse course bush followed to begin torturing suspects against American law and against any normal standard for the treatment of POWs or other persons in American custody. Please go read it.

It's too long to start supplying quotes from the article - I'd never be able to stop - with a single exception:
John D. Hutson, who served as the Navy’s top lawyer from 1997 to 2000, said he believed that the existence of legal opinions justifying abusive treatment is pernicious, potentially blurring the rules for Americans handling prisoners.

“I know from the military that if you tell someone they can do a little of this for the country’s good, some people will do a lot of it for the country’s better,” Mr. Hutson said. Like other military lawyers, he also fears that official American acceptance of such treatment could endanger Americans in the future.

“The problem is, once you’ve got a legal opinion that says such a technique is O.K., what happens when one of our people is captured and they do it to him? How do we protest then?” he asked.
I completely agreed that our acceptance of torture will guarantee the future torturing and horrific treatment of captured American soldiers, and that we will have no one to blame but the bush maladministration.

bush wants a legacy, well, now he's got one comparable to every evil, cruel despot that has ever walked the face of the earth. But with the US military to exercise his desires to kill, maim, and commit genocide against the people of Iraq and, soon, the people of Iran, so he can steal oil resources makes all the others look like amateurs. And NO ONE in the MSM has labeled our occupation of Iraq and all the killing we've done there GENOCIDE, adding to the shame brought upon us all by the monster in the White House.

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