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Looks vs. Content. Their time could be better spent.

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It looks as if something my wife and I noticed a l-o-o-o-n-n-g time ago is finally becoming apparent to televisions news readers: There will be no more pretty faces with High Definition TV, which has a way of revealing every flaw in every square inch of skin displayed.

See this bit from Huffington Post, where we find intrepid news reader and Vanderbuilt Beauty Boy Anderson Cooper actually saying:
[…]even the best makeup can fail under digital scrutiny. During an appearance on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" in October, CNN host Anderson Cooper said he contemplated plastic surgery after seeing himself in HD.

"You notice things about yourself that you've never noticed before," he told O'Brien. "I learned I have a little fatty deposit under my left eye."
I find it both laughable and pitiable that the main concern of these egotistic, arrogant news readers would be how good they look on TV while completely ignoring the fact that they have done more to "dumb down" America than any other single group of people except those for whom they work.

America is falling apart at an ever faster rate of speed, the Empire is collapsing under the sheer weight of sinking every dollar, including those that could benefit so many Americans, into the never-ending black hole of Iraq.

Our deficits are crushing us, we live on a borrowed dime, our national assets are being snapped up as "bargains" because of the falling dollar, banks are pumping record amounts of their operating capital into their day-to-day business creating a coming collapse that will dwarf the 1929 crash, housing prices continue their free-fall and are providing Europeans and people from other countries the perfect opportunity to snap up American real estate at record low prices, and there is no hope to hold forth that America will ever be able to recover from becoming the largest debtor society on earth, and one of the most secretive and oppressive societies the world has seen along the way.

We still have 40-50 soldiers a week dying and an unknown number being wounded everyday in Iraq and we still have an administration that would rather nuke Iran than sit down for some civilized conversation and diplomacy.

The war/fear-mongers here in America, joined now by the Israelis, hold forth only the promise of war with Iran, and they have already estimated that when Israel bombs Iran with nuclear weapons 20-30 million people will die during the initial attack and countless others will die from the radioactive fallout. Among those dying from fallout will be not just Iranians, but Iraqis, Americans in Iraq, Afghanis, Syrians, Lebanese, and if the wind shifts, Israelis, Egyptians, the Saudis, Italians, Germans, France, and a whole raft of formerly Soviet countries.

It would also be ridiculous the assume that the Russians and Chinese will take the word of the lying-est world leaders ever that they intend to stop their nuclear attacks at the Iranian borders and NOT consider that it may very well be the intent of Americans and Israelis to continue their attacks unabated unless those two countries, Russia and China, retaliate against America and Israel with a counterattack against us to which our military can no longer respond.

Which could easily explain Russia dropping out of treaties and restarting their long range bombing operations (that come right up to our borders), developing a new ICBM carrying multiple warheads to negate our "missile shields" that, contrary to our propaganda, do not work, and could further explain the stealth nuclear submarine the Chinese developed last year that could be parked off our coastlines, putting America within 200 miles or less of incoming nuclear missiles.

Millions of Americans with no health care or the means to obtain it, more children going to bed sick and hungry than ever before in the history of America, and yet only the tiniest fraction of our defense budget alone being earmarked to help Americans.

All of this and so much more, and yet our leaders care only about continuing eternal warfare, conducting genocide in the Middle East countries of Iraq, and now Iran, all so these two countries, America and Israeli, can lock down the oil supply of the richest area for oil in the world (Makes me wonder when we will decide Israel is using too much oil and should therefore be "cut off" from the supply.) It is a mystery to me why a country that suffered a Holocaust, with millions of their people killed, would now be actively planning a Holocaust against the Iranians that will dwarf the WWII holocaust suffered by the Jews.

We are on an absolutely unsustainable fiscal path, one sure to devastate not just the American economy, but the world's economy as well.

Yet our "news readers," rather than seeing the looming disasters ahead and endeavoring with every breath to keep America truly informed of our disastrous and ever faster decline to absolutely zero importance to the world, much less "superpower" status (would a true superpower need to borrow money everyday to sustain itself?), these news readers are concerned that HDTV will reveal the flaws in their beauty. Let's hope it might also reveal the paucity of real news coverage and lack of quality of the fluffy, feel good, utterly plastic and meaningless news they purport to be reporting and that they read off the teleprompter placed before them so they may deliver the news by rote.

Yes, sir. Nothing to see here - move along- but does my make-up look good?

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At 3:58 PM, Blogger Peter said...

I don't know you, but you sound like a very sad person. Complaining that Anderson Cooper and Conan O'Brian were making fun and having fun and entertaining the rest of us in a COMEDY program is not what I would call "arrogant."
If you think their GOOD HUMOR in a COMEDY Show is "pitiable." then YOU need to see a psychiatrist. Soon!

At 6:35 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

More examples on the media attention to shallow crap:
Hillary's cleavage
Edwards' haircut
Those are example of negative shallow comments about Dems.

Here are examples of positive shallow comments about repubs:
Does he have sex appeal? . . . Can you smell the English leather on this guy, the Aqua Velva, the sort of mature man's shaving cream, or whatever, you know, after he shaved? Do you smell that sort of, a little bit of cigar smoke?" --

Chris Matthews, fantasizing about the pleasing, manly body smells of Fred Thompson.

"There is a hierarchical, there is, dare I say it, male, there is an old-line quality to them that some voters, indeed a lot of voters, find reassuring. And this is something that the Democrats need to understand" --

Newsweek's Howard Fineman, admiring the calming masculinity of the GOP presidential candidates and warning Democrats to take heed.

"What's appealing about Rudy Giuliani is not the generous side, what's appealing about him is the tough cop side.

Right. You just wait until daddy gets home.

Yes, that part...

That Daddy.

... of the daddy. It's the tough cop side, so...

Yes. Yes" --

Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman, breathlessly sharing their excitement over the firmness of their Daddy, Rudy Giuliani.

He has "chiseled-out-of-granite features, a full, dark head of hair going a distinguished gray at the temples, and a barrel chest . . . . and has shoulders you could land a 737 on" --

Roger Simon, The Politico's chief political columnist, enthusiastically admiring numerous parts of Mitt Romney's body.

Bill is dead on, we have people dying, a bad economy and actual policy differences between the candidates but all the MSM reports are obsessions about their looks.

At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

Thank you for your comment, Peter. If you do not see the irony of juxtaposing a reporter's vanity to all the tragedy in the world and here in America, well, it may be that I need to discuss this with one of the many mental health professionals the military has been gracious enough to provide me.

I've been wrong before, I'll live, but what if I'm 100% right? Your comment doesn't seem to make any allowances to the point of the post: the dumbing down of America by a compliant, willing, yet egotistical, MSM. Sailor gets it, but then again, he's as nuts as I am ;-).


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