Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Stupid Senatorial Tricks…

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It is not possible for me to express the contempt I have for Senator James Inhofe (Revisionist-OK) as he stands there on the floor revisiting, revising, and being totally disingenuous about Iraq and our reasons for being there.

Many of the various reasons he gave for our being there went all the way back to the 1991 Gulf War: the Saddam torture rooms, burning of oil wells, etc., which played no role whatever in bushco's litany of offenses calling for American intervention.

He completely rewrote history again by accusing Bill Clinton of being solely responsible for the reduction of our armed forces in the 90s when the facts are that Dick Cheney and the Republican congress were the parties responsible for the reduction of our forces.

Now he is addressing Iran and stating that the five speedboat incident off the coast of Iran recently constituted an "intimidation" of our Navy. Puh-l-e-e-e-e-s-s-e. "We cannot allow Iran to be the dominate power in the Middle East."

He now claims that al-Qaeda was defeated in the Middle East and has migrated to the Horn of Africa. Hooray! That must mean we've won in Iraq and our troops can come home!

And comparing the Iraqi parliament to the young congress formed early in America is just totally over the top. The differences between American and Iraqi cultures alone make such comparisons impossible.

So: we went to kill Saddam; close down the terrorists camps (one of which had the shell of a 707 on the ground and, "Who knows if that's where they got their training for 9/11?") , give the Iraqi's freedom, and to accord their "freedom fighters" the same opportunity to fight for their liberation as our early pioneers took upon themselves. I guess he's unaware that 80% of Iraqis believe America is the problem and that it is a good thing to kill an American soldier.

Will it ever dawn on him that he completely left out WMDs and every single reason bush gave for invading Iraq? Is it genetically impossible for a Republican to tell the truth?

I swear, the difference between the honesty of Democratic senators and dissembling of Republican senators who, with very few exceptions, lie their a$$e$ off in the most shameful manner possible, is truly mind-blowing.

Take the time to read Inhofe's speech today and judge for yourself. (This probably proves I'm not cut out to be a "live-blogger" as my meager typing skills do not allow me to keep up with all the lies.)

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