Friday, March 28, 2008

Most Truthful NYT Headline Ever.

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If I were a real Dem cheerleader, this story would make me happy.
The cover story of this coming Sunday’s New York Times magazine asks the provocative question: “The End of Republican America?” The photo below shows a red inflatable elephant – collapsed and leaking air.

“Karl Rove had a plan to realign American politics for generations. Now GOP leaders are struggling to prevent another 1964,” reads the rest of the cover tag. The article was penned by Benjamin Wallace-Wells, who also writes for Rolling Stone.
But it doesn't. But not because I'm not a cheerleader.

For one thing, I never believed for a minute that it was a Republican America, in the sense of a political party. At least, not the Republicans that actually EXIST as opposed to what most folks assume Republican's are. Reality Republicanism is riddled with pork, hypocrisy and corporate money. (So are Democrats for that matter.) True party Republicanism borders libertarian - a limited government that allows institutions to operate without much government interference. (Think Thomas Jefferson, anti-federalists.)

But that party crap is neither here nor there.

First, we need a clear definition of 'Republican'. Leaving behind the obvious party affiliation, simply, a Republican is a person who supports the idea that the best form of government is a limited one that has
the supreme power lying in the body of citizens who vote for officers and representatives responsible to them or characteristic of such government.
That doesn't sound so bad, does it? Most folks would agree that people should be able to elect whomever they want to represent them. Right? So, I think most can all pretty much agree that this country should remain a Republican America, using that definition.

So now you know why the title of the story is more truthful than one might notice: The End of Republican America. Think about it. If 'Republican America' is over, what have we left? If we're no longer Republican, what are we? A totalitarian regime? A dictatorship? A corptocracy?

Food for thought.

[The words on the cover of that issue will most likely end up on my bulletin board to remind me what is really happening out there.]

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