Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Sailing Senator Kennedy!

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(Pic stolen from here.)
Sen. Kennedy competes in ’Figawi’ sailboat race

HYANNIS - It was a “great day,” Sen. Edward M. Kennedy said today after his surprise decision to compete in the last leg of the Figawi regatta -- and his schooner "Mya" finished second.

“Well, it couldn’t be a more beautiful day,” Kennedy said on his private pier. “We have wonderful friends and family. It’s a tradition out here and we had a great day.”

A crew member on Kennedy’s sloop told the Herald the skipper was “in a great mood.” The Mya came in second in division 3 in the weekend Hyannis-to-Nantucket race.
Asked why Kennedy took to the seas today, spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter told the Associated Press, “The wind was just right.”
“The wind was just right” ... for a sailor there's no better answer to many of life's persistent questions.

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