Monday, June 23, 2008

A friendly reminder about what is important.

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My cousin Barbie just died. Well, she was a second or third cousin, I'm not sure, we Italians tend to have a lot of cousins. Anyway, she was kinda' old, she had fallen and I guess her heart gave out. I wasn't close to her but she did coach me through making my first successful from-scratch cake and taught me and mom how to test for the mal'ochio using oil and water.

But here's my point: I'd been meaning to call her for that last two weeks, but didn't get around to it because she took A LOT of energy to talk with. She was very current on all the news and politics and LOVED to rap about it. Between that and all of her grandchildren, you weren't getting off that phone for a long while. So, I didn't call, I put it off.

So, my advice to you is if you have an elderly relative that would enjoy hearing from you (Mr. Vidiot, CALL YOUR GRANDMA THIS INSTANT) call them now. It's important. Way more important then arguing the existence or nonexistence of any difference between the two ruling juntas we call political parties in this country.



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