Wednesday, July 02, 2008

And in the Poetic Justice Department today…

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…comes this article about SUV buyers getting screwed twice 'cause of the hugh increases in gas prices, titled, appropriately enough, "SUV Drivers Burned Twice: At the Pump, on the Car Lot," and subtitled, "How I lost my ass buying a vehicle bigger than most small apartments." [Okay, I made up the subtitle, but it would have worked with the article. Bill]

Americans' love affair with 22-inch rims, eight cylinders and four-wheel drive wrapped in an 8,000-pound package is over. And the breakup is going to cost.

With $4-a-gallon gas coming between drivers and their very large vehicles, consumers are dropping their once-beloved rides, fast. But not fast enough, it seems. As the price of gas has gone up, the value of sport-utility vehicles has gone down.

In the past six months, the price of a used Chevrolet Suburban has dropped as much as $8,000, said Mike Parker, manager of used-car sales at Lustine Toyota/Dodge in Woodbridge.

For those determined to swap their fuel-thirsty behemoths for gas-sipping subcompacts, the glut increasingly means taking a financial hit. In the worst cases, declining SUV values leave owners owing more money to the bank than their vehicle is worth.
So, the high gas prices are breaking the market for homeowners that now owe more on their vehicles and houses than they are worth, food supplies are expensive and of questionable safety, the government can't find ways to get any relief on ANY issue that concernes the public, every penny (which is a considerable number, you betcha) America can borrow is being sucked down into the black hole of Iraq, the Taliban are killing more Americans than ever and regrouping in ever larger more efficient numbers everyday in Afghanistan, our military is broken and broke and expecting to pay hundreds of millions of dollars more for fuel than last year, we still have millions of uninsured young, infirm, and elderly, not enough help to educate our citizens and make us competitive again, and John McSame still wants to rah, rah, rah, sis-boom-ba cheerlead the country even farther down the Primrose path to hell carved out by bush and paved over with ill-intentions by dick cheney.

Another of what's becoming an average day in America.

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