Sunday, August 24, 2008

Similarities Between the Olympics and War

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My mother has been watching the Olympics nonstop... not that she wanted to mind you, just that her husband is really into them. Anyway, she told me that the Russian synchronized swimming team had been really cagey about their routine, going so far as to not even have a practice or a rehearsal because they didn't want any of their new tricks revealed.

It got me thinking; what if they do the same thing with their army?
For an invading force from what used to be a military superpower, Russia's 58th Army did not look like a modern fighting unit. Victory came as a result of overwhelming numerical superiority and a textbook Soviet-style strategy based on detailed planning that leaves little room for flexibility. It was shock and awe by force of numbers, rather than by precision-guided weapons.
What if the Russians are keeping the good stuff hidden so nobody knows what they have?

Interesting thought, no?

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