Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eyewitness report from Houston

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From a friend of my mom's:

I hiked over to Lambda Center, the gay AA club hear my home. they have power and free wifi so I'm answering 49 emails. Let me tell you that Bush and his f-cking fema is a waste of time.

Mayor White on the air telling off Fema. Thousands of people without water, power or food lined up at public announced FEMA sights to get ice, water, and food. Fema did not show up at most of the places. Older people in wheel chairs, etc. The press not covering this f-cking fiasco.

Then to top it all off f-ckhead Dubyah arrives in town. The prick will be guarded quite heavily I'm sure. FEMA is a disgrace. I'm fine but I am disgusted with the response from our state and federal government. This is the second time a mayor of a major city goes on the air to tell the state and the fed fema people to get their shit together. The hurricane was Friday and her it is Tues afternoon. FEMA only open a few places. Bad news I must say.

I'm doing fine because I planned well with canned foods and plenty of bottled water. I have enough for one more week. Then I'll get worried if we still do not have power. Beautiful trees down all over the place. Just the most remarkable devastation. Heart braking to see the beautiful trees destroyed.
More later and hopefully will have power soon.

Don't hold back dude.

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At 1:04 AM, Blogger JayV said...

So sad, I survived Alicia back in 1983. Some of what happened then has happened now, only now it's well known about the ineptness of the Fema folks.
I've been trying to reach friends, but am unsuccessful.


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