Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I haven't actually read yet the Obama report on Blagojevich…

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…but from the way newsreaders are spittin' little green apples they aren't going to be happy to hear a report that will apparently say the governor has done nothing wrong, which leads me to ask this question, by way of example in this hypothetical situation:
I'm sitting in my home with my wife, talking on my wireless phone, which may by legally monitored as long at the content isn't spread in violation of my privacy. Jokingly, I tell my wife and the person with whom I am on the phone that it's time for me to go rob a bank so I can finish my shopping.

I hang up the phone, kiss me wifey good-bye, step outside my door and I am immediately arrested by jack-booted storm troopers in bullet proof vests with automatic weapons, thrown to the ground, brutally beaten, tasered a few times for good measure, handcuffed, promptly arrested, and taken away for the charge of bank robbery based upon the mindless, teasing chatter that had just taken place on my monitored phone.

Does that make me a bank robber, or just someone joking with a spouse and friend?

Blagojevich allegedly asked Rahm Emmanual that if he appointed someone recommended by Obama's team, all he would get is "gratitude," right?

No affirmative act in the commission of a crime, no conspiracy to violate the laws of the land, a governor with the absolute right to appoint Obama's replacement WITH OR WITHOUT any expectations of any future "favors," or based upon any other criteria at his discretion.
Talk about a railroad job! A modern day lynching! Tar and feathering on a national level without a single shred of evidence of any wrongdoing in a country where, except in certain rare cases, mere words do not form the basis for the leveling of criminal charges.

Boy, those damn, dirty, cheatin' dogs they call Republicans just couldn't wait to construct false accusations against a Democrat.

And Governor Blagojevich, if you're reading this, I'll take that senate seat for a mere $1.2295, in euros, of course.

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