Friday, March 27, 2009

Well, this is pretty clear

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I know. You all think I'm out of my mind going on about capitalism and blah blah blah. And I've said repeatedly that all of these bailouts and stimulus packages do nothing but prop up the system of capitalism because it's about to die. Well, here it is from one of the horse's mouths.
Then things really started heating up. In February, Dodd slipped an amendment capping bonuses for TARP beneficiaries into the $787 billion stimulus package, and Wall Street went ballistic. "I'm trying to save capitalism, while some people are trying to save a paycheck," Dodd scoffs.
Any questions?

Update: And again, Feinstein's support is wavering for the pro-labor Employee Free Choice Act:
This is trouble, because Feinstein is citing the economy as a reason for seeking changes to the measure. One big worry for labor is that the economy will be used as cover by Senators who are looking for ways to vote against it for other reasons.
What does this mean? It means again, that the State is protecting the capitalists' profits over the people. They're choosing to support big business over the little guy so that the system of capitalism can continue.

Not unusual, even expected, but extremely blatant and obvious.



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