Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What specious, pompous, asinine cowards with no sense of decency…

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…or dignity or, seemingly, holding little value the lives of American soldiers, Iraqis, Palestinians, or anyone other than the power structure of America. Those whom care naught for anything but hegemony, control of the world's resources, and the means, fair or foul, by which we seek to dominate and enslave the other countries which have the misfortune of sharing this planet with the most war-mongering country on earth, America.

I sit day by day semi-absorbing the news (if I actually did absorb the news I would be certifiably insane) listening to our collective talking heads stirring up ill feelings between nations that in many cases they have never been to, insulting world leaders (including our own) in order to puff up their alleged credibility just as a peacock spreads its glorious tail with the dozens of 'false eyes' to intimate that it is a much larger and threatening beast than it actually is.

America has become that peacock and should several countries, very few really, decide to form an alliance they could easily defeat America to, "… bring democracy to the American people…" as democracy is to be understood by current world citizens.

Democracy: elections fixed or stolen or the results ignored or tied up in a court to prevent an elected representative from assuming office after a lawful vote was taken. (Think Franken/Coleman)

Democracy: no national health care, millions uninsured, millions making that awful choice between taking their medicine or splurging by opening a fresh can of dog food.

Democracy: where anyone can be imprisoned indefinitely for any reason (as long as the words national security are uttered as a witch utters incantations while stirring her acidic, poisonous brew) with no hope of being charged, given an attorney to represent them, unable to see, feel, touch, and examine any evidence presented against them and no right to confront their accuser and have their case decided by a jury of their peers. You know, the things that formerly made America great.

Democracy: where evidence that was formerly considered, "…the fruit of the poisonous tree…" evidence and any other evidence to which it lead that was obtained by illegal means such as torture, coercion, and similar means was forbidden. It was not allowed and had no legitimacy in American Courts.

Democracy: where the leaders of America are desperately seeking any provocation, however slight or even imagined, to attack other countries with whom we disagree and to further American dominance.

Democracy: a government that ignores lawful votes in other countries if our leaders just happen to dislike the person/s elected in foreign countries, or, worst yet, places sanctions on the entire civilization of another country because we dislike their leaders or the policies they espouse. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right of other people to assemble in support their leaders is utterly ignored by America.

Democracy: brought to you by the leading producer of nuclear weapons, cluster bombs, heat ray cannons to disperse crowds by burning their skin, sound cannons so painful as to drive away a threat. (When Nikoli Tesla died he was working on a weapon so terrible that he believed it would end all war by necessity. The weapon was a death ray that killed people and animals but did no damage to infrastructure: they simply fell dead where they stood. Upon his death the American government immediately seized his laboratories, classified all his research TOP SECRET, it remains so classified, and our government has never allowed anyone but very carefully vetted people access to his work. Hmm, death rays, rays to burn you from a safe [for our soldiers] distance away, sound cannons, but…nah…there couldn't possibly be any connection between these events, eh?)

Democracy: led by America, which is the only country to order the use of nuclear weapons and which demands that other countries be prohibited nuclear weapons or by golly, we'll nuke them out of existence!

Democracy: where a government has become so inured to the suffering of its own people that wishes to impose even greater suffering, starvation, genocide, murder by presidential fiat, the killing of dozens or more to possibly, just possibly kill a single terrorist with a 2,000 pound bomb, and the destruction of any other type of government showing the audacity to not immediately follow any and all orders given to them – even when its clearly against the other countries self-interest, religion, or desire to live in the same manner in which they have lived for THOUSANDS of years and ignore the orders and interest of a country such as America, which is not much more than two HUNDRED years of age and a mere infant compared to the more ancient countries of the world.

Democracy: in the minds of a few billion people, the leading exporter of terror and death.

Democracy – it's a gas! Or some other noxious emission.

Aw, enough. When carefully examined democracy has not stood the test of time and fails the tests of fairness, neutrality, leadership by example, and the decency to treat Americans, much less others, with dignity and a kind regard for the unalienable rights of man.



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