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Global Warming Hullabaloo Part Two

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Seems that New Zealand's climate study group is ALSO being examined:
The New Zealand Government’s chief climate advisory unit NIWA is under fire for allegedly massaging raw climate data to show a global warming trend that wasn’t there.
Like in my previous thread below, it's not that I don't believe something is going on with the environment, it's just how it's being used to manipulate the public. If all this research has been massaged to provide a basis for an agenda, then that's a problem.

There is real climate change but maybe it's due to something other than CO2. But unfortunately Co2 is what the science has latched on to. The fact that they're massaging data, trying to deny FOIA requests, and manipulating the peer review process only makes it harder for any real action to be accepted by the general public.

Additionally, the heads of those who wrote the CRU/IPCC emails have been called for. But they aren't the only culprits. What about the folks who funded them? What about the folks who applied pressure to support their agenda.

They were trying to do the right thing, trying to make a case to clean up the environment, but did it all wrong. And now, we've got a messy planet with no plan the people will accept because once again, the public has been lied to. Also, think about it, if you're trying to repair the planet, and you need to make a plan, creating a plan around the wrong issue is just ineffective as not doing anything at all!

Will these bozos ever figure it out?

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At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I really don't like to sound like I'm beating my favorite dead horse, there really is a very good reason why "top" government officials and their more subservient science management class (that has been "pick-n-choose" strained for their agreement rationability at least since the end of WWII) really don't want the general public to focus too much on GLOBAL ATMOSPHERIC OXYGEN DEPLETION.

And that is because the ultimate answer to the global problem of atmospheric oxygen depletion is that oxygen depletion has been an anticipated problem that has been in its creation stage for much more than a hundred years. Furthermore, this answer for which a problem has been creatively produced is an integral part of a social engineering project specifically intended to bring about such an overwhelming infrastructure of technology on such a consumerist scale as to eventually dwarf the very aspect of natural recovery expanding the entire globe.

One aspect of this "answer" is that the genie of its necessity was also popped damned-well near a hundred years ago.

We are currently in the last stages of emplementing that "answer to all our survival problems" now, and that is particularly why virtually all government elites are so focused a new-wave culture of incorporated secrecy. This hacking of that uncommonly damning climate data will ultimately bring about a collateral hue-and-cry for much more severe internet restrictions ... especially when the next, just-too-good-to-be-true "9-11"-esque terra attack will encompass overwhelming internet security leaks.

Right now? These are the "Good-0le'-Days.


At 4:34 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

"When I was doing my PhD, looking at the record up to 1975, there were at least 50 to 60 climate stations started in the 1930s that, before we did anything, 90 per cent of them showed warming."

Renwick said there were several reasons for adjusting the temperature record, including introducing new thermometers or sensors to a weather site, and changes to its exposure caused by growing vegetation or urbanisation.

For example, the Wellington figures had to be adjusted down when the official weather site moved from the Thorndon waterfront to Kelburn.
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"That's a move up of about 120 metres – that is the equivalent of a degree of cooling."

At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, but 50 to 60 stations does not a planet cover. Exactly what sites were chosen to plant them and what was the methodology used?

Additionally: Who was sponsoring this program and what corporation(s) was/are servicing it?

I will start believing the current gaggle of climate-change cultist the very moment they develop weather prediction that (globally) is no less than 75 percent accurate.

There is, however, something special about the brand of GOD (Global Oxygen Depletion ~ excuse me while I go retch ...) that the Earth is currently experiencing. It has never happened before. Consequently, because it is still a (relatively) "young," developing, and expansively ongoing process (indeed, it exponentially expands along with the human population), there is no past climate-focused epoc with which to compare it.

As a result, to attempt fashioning a climate-change theory using ancient climate-related data is bootless. The Earth's current climate paradox is unique.


At 11:21 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...


1) Please don't confuse weather with climate. One of the reasons weather prediction has gotten worse in the last few years is due to climate change.

2) The NV gov't paid for the stations.

3) NZ's data just confirmed what is being reported around the rest of the world. They never claimed anything except their stations were also recording this effect.

4) You're right in a way, the paradox is unique precisely because we're tipping a chaotic system past its boundries.

At 2:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just so I'm sure that everybody knows where I (think I ...) stand.

I do believe that there is a progressively severe form of climate change (more like progressive clmate anarchy) happening ... I just feel that the over-production of carbon dioxide is only a collateral issue to the more critical event of oxygen depletion.

Furthermore, it is the oxygen depletion in the upper atmosphere that will kill us before any carbon dioxide buildup is ever enough to poison our bloodstreams or otherwise drown us in our own oceans.

Stratospheric ozone is actually the super-greenhouse gas that keeps much of Earth's atmosphere from flying out in space like a comet's tail. It is that ultravioletly charged and heated, electrostatically bound balloon encompassing the outer boundaries of our gaseous environment which locks in much of every other atmospheric gas.

Oh, by the way, I remember reading an article about two or three years ago which established that our planet's ozone balloon has finally in fact been wholly punctured at both ends of the poles.

The Earth really does have a comet-like tail now as it decisively looses more and more of its atmosphere to the sucking ravages of "outer" space.

Also, while weather and climate may only be rival siblings, they both come from an environmentally incestuous relationship. Furthermore, if your science for predicting weather is so imprecise, how can you claim that a similarly developed science for assessing climate is any better?



At 1:02 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

DanD>"Also, while weather and climate may only be rival siblings, they both come from an environmentally incestuous relationship. Furthermore, if your science for predicting weather is so imprecise, how can you claim that a similarly developed science for assessing climate is any better?"

1) Climate has a history, weather prediction is the future.

2) The atmosphere is a chaotic system that is stable within certain boundaries. Once those boundaries are pushed past, and no one knows the exact tipping point, a chaotic system will breakdown and tend to extremes.

Simple analogy: Think of a pendulum that keeps getting tapped from one side in an irregular manner. The atmosphere, like the pendulum, is currently constrained within limits. That's no longer true if you add energy in unexpected ways. Simpler yet: Think of a balloon that is inflated and deflated within limits. It still holds it's shape, but adding too much air will cause it to burst, subtracting too much will cause it to lose shape and wrinkle.

Better yet, wiki 'chaos theory.'

At 3:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you alleging that weather has no history of repetitive cycles?

In any event Sailor, I pretty-much agree with almost everything your saying. What I'm focusing on however is not that there is no imbalanced "climate change," or that the most critically imbalancing part of that change is not caused by human activity.

Instead, I merely question this religion-like dogma constantly being shoveled down our throats that carbon dioxide over-production is the most dangerous consequence of that unbalancing human activity.

Also, an extremely modest overall level of carbon dioxide is in the Earth's atmosphere even while our planet has a so much higher quantity of oxygen in that same atmosphere. Now, look at the atmosphere of Mars, its level of carbon dioxide is above 90%. The only reason why Earth's atmosphere is warmly liviable is because of the oxygen. Without oxygen? Our atmosphere would be much more similar to that of Mars.

Since I will forever be suspicious of humanity's elitist government(s), I have an automatic tendancy to NOT believe anything a government servant endorses with uncommon faith, especially when it is tax-collecting propagandized with an excess of double-speak.

As I pointed out earlier in the previous post, it's all in the numbers ... and how they're being completely ignored with extreme corporate prejudice.



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