Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Whatever you think of Castro

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He may be a bully and he may rule his country with and iron fist, making life difficult and unpleasant for so many. HOWEVER, the man sure knows how to win a PR campaign.
In conformity with the position publicly announced by Cuba, medical staff from different countries ­namely Spain, Mexico, and Colombia, among others - worked very hard alongside our doctors at the facilities they had improvised. Organizations such as PAHO and other friendly countries like Venezuela and other nations supplied medicines and other resources. The impeccable behavior of Cuban professionals and their leaders was absolutely void of chauvinism and remained out of the limelight.

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At 9:58 PM, Blogger dan said...

In spite of the murderous American corporate opposition that has opposed him (as well with how the SU attempted to absorb that little island in toto), Castro appears to have been so much more faithful to his own people's revolution than the current sycophants of WDC have been to theirs (for the last half century or so).

After all the "He said, she said" drama of America's embargo, that same embargo has educated the Cuban people about why they need to retain their own non-incorporated, cultural identity. In the long run, I believe that the average Cuban is much more focused on "smart" national survival than is the average American.



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