Thursday, April 22, 2010

Matt Taibbi on the NFL draft.

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I think he's a little gung-ho.
This is about as dark and freaky as our sanitized modern American mainstream culture ever openly admits to being. These are bloodless corporate enterprises using advanced scientific and economic metrics to measure the material worth of human flesh down to the half-pound, the 16th of an inch. Which would be horrifying and morally repulsive under normal circumstances, but when added to a strong rooting interest in your home team, can become for certain people one of those guilty pleasures you just can’t give up because you enjoy it so much, like jerking off while hanging yourself in the shower.
Dr. Vidiot's somewhat tongue-in-cheek response?
Most of us don't even have the opportunity to have our worth measured prior to becoming enslaved. That is, they don't even take the time to measure our worth, we are all worthless material destined for the industrial and post-industrial machinery. They, at least, get measured and become millionaires.
Welcome to my world.

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