Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Re: Elena Kagan…

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…Mouth-breathing right wings fanatics and those Republicans in the Senate who cater to that small minority and who will react likewise to those fanatics are really going to try and make Elena Kagan seem to be a fire-breathing liberal, unqualified for this office, and will seek to twist any stray comment ever uttered or written by her into an albatross to hang around her neck.

They'll take every cheap shot they can, ask questions of her that consume so much time she will be unable to adequately express her views in the time remaining to the politician who will cut her off by, "…reclaiming their time…," a time honored device by which a senator can cut off any answer from her that will obviously demonstrate her, in my opinion, superior intellect, temperate viewpoints and her ability to run logic circles around her questioner. Yes, it just wouldn't do to allow her, metaphorically speaking, to show how ignorant her interrogator is in comparison is to her, mental midgets questioning an intellectual giant insofar as law and life within the law is concerned.

I asked the same question when President Obama was elected to office: What's wrong with intelligent, unbiased, articulate people holding important public offices? And I believe our country can only be as good as it formerly was by doing this very thing.

It will be refreshing to have a SCOTUS Justice whom is steeped in the law and its application and implications for the country instead of some brown-noser whose head is always up some politician's ass. Many court appointees brown-nose and show fealty to one political party or viewpoint in order to get appointed to a lifetime position that guarantees them many years to seek achieving their patrons agenda. An agenda that seems to me is almost always detrimental to the citizens of this once great country; decisions made that further narrow the rights of us all instead of expanding our rights so that the 'regular person' can feel hope instead of fear, obtain an education versus the struggle to find a job paying a living wage, being secure in our homes, persons, and effects compared to suffering the raging paranoia that causes and permits illegal wiretapping, spying on innocent groups or people, the bankrupting and looting of the country's spirit, assets, and treasure that naturally follow the moral depravity of torture, Predator drones, land mines, cluster bombs, and the unspeakable horrors of genocide and displacement of millions in a vain attempt to force democracy upon people who do not wish for nor ask for a democracy.

And oil, too. Can't forget about the oil belonging to others that America attempts to steal with, I believe, little success.Especially when we could have legitimately purchased that oil on the open market without paying so dearly with the loss of American lives, and without the added cost of war, weapons, defense spending, and a wildly out of control administration as created by gwb.

But that's just my opinion and I certainly could be wrong.


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