Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just Farking Around ...

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Minor update: edited for readablility.
Let them eat cake!
Mega-developers and the city's mayor are shooting down a proposed affordable housing law, calling it unfair, communistic and doomed to failure. People could afford a place to live, the mayor said, if they were willing to work harder.

Mayor Jim Naugle, a conservative and brash politician serving his final term, said people mistakenly think they're entitled to an affordable single-family house on a 40-hour work routine. They need to work more hours, and even then settle for a condo or townhouse, Naugle said.

"I'm supposed to subsidize some schlock sitting on the sofa and drinking a beer, who won't work more than 40 hours a week?'' he asked. "I deny that there is a problem. You can buy condos all day for $160,000.''
That's almost as funny as Dick Cheney lecturing poor people on saving for retirement.

Prankster's pals turn room into man-size hamster cage
I think the headline says it all.

Va. Town Council Seeks Removal of Mayor

APPALACHIA, Va. May 19, 2006 (AP)— The town council voted to seek removal of the mayor, who is charged with rigging his election two years ago, including a scheme to buy votes with beer and cigarettes.

Mayor Ben Cooper, 63, was not present for Thursday's vote because he is under house arrest.
Now how could I tell that story was from appalachia?

Obviously it's Mesa, not Mensa

A new banned substance is making its way around Chandler Basha High School — ketchup. Bottles of the condiment have been smuggled into the cafeteria and promptly confiscated when students whipped them out for their burgers and fries.
Frankly, if all students are whipping out is a bottle of catsup, I'm all for it.

Gor blimey! Subservient cult is unleashed on Darlington

Growing concern over Internet addiction Don't believe the headline for a second, remember this site is free, and the first one is always free! Just keep reading, c'mon you know you want to ... besides, if you quit now you'll never get the $$ shot:
"Denial is strong in Internet addicts who claim they cannot be addicted to a machine," Wieland notes.
Yeah? Try telling that to my girlfriend ... (damn D cells anyway [/muttering])


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