Thursday, May 18, 2006

Addendum to 'Why Do It Legally'

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The Vidiot did a great job with the NSA post, but I'd like to add what I consider a $$ quote:
Officials familiar with Thin Thread say some within NSA were stunned by the legal flip-flop. ThinThread "was designed very carefully from a legal point of view, so that even in non-wartime, you could have done it legitimately," the official said.

In a speech in January, Hayden said the warrantless surveillance program was not only limited to al-Qaida communications, but carefully implemented with an eye toward preserving the Constitution and rights of Americans.

"As the director, I was the one responsible to ensure that this program was limited in its scope and disciplined in its application," he said.
Why are there even hearings for this liar? He not only shouldn't get the job, he should be in prison ... in Gitmo.


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