Wednesday, June 07, 2006

For years now,

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I have believed the Micheal Ledeen had something to do with the Niger forgery scam. And even though, recently, it was revealed who the possible forgers of the uranium papers were, (and Ladeen wasn't one of them) I STILL thought Ledeen has something to do with it. Now, Vanity Fair might think so as well.
Excerpt: n the wake of Billygate and the Bulgarian Connection, Ledeen allegedly began to play a role as a behind-the-scenes operative with the ascendant Reagan-Bush team. According to Mission Italy, by former ambassador to Italy Richard Gardner, after Reagan's victory, but while Jimmy Carter was still president, "Ledeen and Pazienza set themselves up as the preferred channel between Italian political leaders and members of the new administration."
(In all fairness, the next line in that paragraph has Ladeen denying all of it. Which of course, he would.)

If I had money to bet, I'd bet it was Ledeen who coordinated the whole thing with elements in SISMI.


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