Monday, June 19, 2006

Now, I know Chavez is not perfect.

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I know he leans towards the totalitarian. (Though, mostly only the wealthy have access to the media down there and if they're reporting the bad things about him, well, is it them? or is he really bad? I don't know. I don't know anybody who lives there. But I DO know that people with money can't stand him.)

Anyway, I have to say, the man DOES have a clue.
Excerpt: Venezuela has launched a new social mission aiming to reverse deforestation, according to a June 4 Venezuelan Presidential Press Office statement. Mission Tree aims to plant 100 million trees within five years.

Launching the mission, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said that capitalism was responsible for the destruction of many flora and fauna species and that socialism would help to change this trend by making human needs -- rather than private profit -- the priority.


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