Monday, October 23, 2006

Deja Vu, no?

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Remember way back when, during the Florida 2000 election fiasco, how smug GW Bush was in his confidence that he had been the one to win Florida?

Now read this:
Excerpt: Bush said he did not know whether four Republican resignations — including the latest from Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., amid the release of sexually explicit e-mails first reported by ABC News — would reduce Republican turnout.

"I don't worry about it," Bush said.
You know, I see so many people trying so hard, parsing the polls, donating money, doing whatever they can, yet I see it as an excercise in futility.

The machines are broken. Votes are rigged. Voters are disenfranchised. The media is already setting us up for a disparity between exit polls and results. Whatever happens, I cynically believe that it will reflect the will of Big Business and the Bankers, and NOT the will of the people. Unless the killer B's go against Bush, and I doubt they will, then the Senate and Congress will remain under the control of the GOP.

And I'm not even going go into the lack of difference between the Dems and GOP. At lest if the dems were to win, there's a SLIM chance that we'd be treated to Zigfeildian show of impeachment and hearings.


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