Sunday, October 15, 2006

What the hell!

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Is this a tactical nuke going off in Iraq during the ammunitions fire? Watch the video. At about 3:56, there's a HUUUUuuuge explosion. Looks like a nuke with a glowing mushroom thingy to me.

First, WHAT THE HELL! Why, on God's green Earth, are we even mucking around with nukes to begin with, let alone storing them in a vulnerable area. And Kim Jong Il, in North Korea? What do you want to bet his nuke test had less to do with learning how to detonate a bomb and more to do with mucking up the fault lines and creating earthquakes?
Excerpt: The earthquake pattern between October 9 and 13 in East Asia, geologists say, was due to a disturbance in natural stress conditions of the subduction zone extending from Kuril island in the north to Phillipines islands in the south.

They said it was apparent that the nuclear explosion did create stress along the trench. In the last two months, such earthquake "clusters" were not observed in the zone, according to geologists from the department of earth sciences in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) here.
Why not? I've heard crazier crap on the internet. And there does seem to be a few earthquakes that followed the test. What if he blows up a bigger bomb and that sets of more earthquakes that reach, oh, I dunno, LA? I mean, that's an act of war, right?

Yeah yeah. I know. I always go just a lilla bit too far.


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