Monday, October 30, 2006

Who's monkeying around with affirmative action?

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SteveAudio has the goods:
Who Is Paying to End Affirmative Action? High-Ranking Bush Officials, Rupert Murdoch

In just eight days, Michigan will vote on the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI)—an anti-opportunity proposal that would end affirmative action in public education, employment and contracting. The MCRI has raised $2 million thus far, $450,000 of which was donated by long-time affirmative-action foe Ward Connerly.
Just another 'I got mine, FY' from Bushco.


At 9:50 PM, Blogger Steve Sutton said...

Plenty of us Michigan folk believe using discrimination to fight discrimination is immoral. Over 500,000 of us signed petitions to get it on the ballot and only Michiganians will be voting on it. I think we're capable of making our own decisions regardless of who funds it.

And we're not making a big stink over the importation of out-of-state speakers to denounce us. Jesse Jackson has made a couple stops as well as national NAACP members. Meanwhile, national companies such as GM and Ford (both of whom lost billions of dollars) are throwing in cash to oppose it. But if that's what they want to spend their money on, so be it. I think they ought to focus on automotive rather than social engineering but that's why their losing billions.


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