Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Buy Nothing Day 2006

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From the AdBuster's website:
Every November 25, for 24 hours, we remember that no one was born to shop, we make a small choice to participate by not participating. We call it Buy Nothing Day, and judging by the huge successes seen all across the globe last year – with thousands of activists and fed-up citizens taking part in dozens of countries – this year’s festival of restraint could be the biggest yet.

If you’ve never taken part in Buy Nothing Day, or if you’ve taken part in the past but haven’t really committed to doing it again, consider this: 2006 will go down as the year in which mainstream dialogue about global warming finally reached its critical mass. What better way to bring the Year of Global Warming to a close than to point people in the direction of real and effective alternatives to the unbridled consumption that has created this quagmire?

Email us at BND [at] ADBUSTERS [dot] ORG as your plans, posters and photos start to come together. We’ll try to feature the best and brightest right here as this year’s BND takes shape here. In the meantime, take a moment to check out our wrap-up of BND 2005 below to see if you can get inspired.


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