Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm sorry,

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but this is too annoying for words. After meeting with dems, they agreed to let him keep his seniority and gave him the chair of Homeland Security committee. And why would they do such a thing?
Excerpt: During a talk show interview this weekend, Lieberman floated the idea of participating in Republican caucuses if he felt unwelcomed by Democrats. But with Lieberman in a leadership position, the party can maintain its 51-49 Senate majority.
Well this just shows once again that politics is little more than "mine is bigger than yours" and "if you don't let me do what I want, I'll take my toys and go somewhere else!"

I sure hope than when the dems take even more seats in 2008, they kick Lieberman out of the party. Right now, the dems need him, but they won't need him forever.


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