Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Continuing War on Non-Christians

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Widows sue over Wicca symbol, headstones

The widows of two Wiccan combat veterans sued the government Monday, saying the military has dragged its feet on allowing the religion's symbols on headstones.
It claims that the VA has made "excuse after excuse" for more than nine years for not approving the symbol and that by doing so, it has trampled on the plaintiffs' constitutional rights of freedom of speech, religion and due process.
The VA issued a statement Monday that outlined the procedure under way to create uniform standards under which new symbols can be accepted, but did not comment on the lawsuit itself.
I'd have to agree, after nine years they are dragging their feet.

And more importantly, if you die like this:

are brought home like this:

The least they could do is bury you according to your beliefs. Like this:

(Apologies to the sources and photographers I didn't credit. I googled so hard for those pics I lost track of where I got them. I'd be happy to remove them on request of their copyright holders.)


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