Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More weird stuff I love

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Excerpt: Violent death itself does seem to be a strong influence in our ability to recall past lives. Research involving more than seven hundred cases in six different cultures, sixty-one percent of people who recalled a past life, remembered having died violently. Traumatic deaths seem to manifest themselves not just as psychological conditions but also physical ones. During his forty years of research in the field, Dr. Stevenson examined over two hundred cases where children born with scars, birthmarks, even serious birth defects such as absent limbs also have clear memories of past lives where corresponding injuries led to their death.
(Hey! Maybe since I have Chiari, it means I had my head chopped off or bashed in a previous life!)

and UFO encounters.
Excerpt: For more than two decades, Udo Wartena, a Dutch immigrant living in the Western U.S., kept what had happened to him one spring morning in May 1940 a secret, not even telling his wife. Before dying in 1989 he finally confided in two friends and then wrote the details of his experience down so it would not be lost.
Excellent lunchtime reading.


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