Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Something to chew on.

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The 2 senate seats that are still being dealt with, VA and MT, are more important than is being discussed. Sure, if one breaks dem and the other GOP, then we'll be more or less even, and along with the independents caucusing with the dems, the dems will have weak control. HOWEVER, Lieberman is the wild card here. If it does break with a split, with one going dem and the other going GOP, then, if I were in the executive branch, I'd sure as hell be trying to figure out a way to appoint Lieberman to something, ANYTHING (Sec Def?) just so the GOP governor of Connecticut could appoint a solid republican to his vacated seat.

If you're really into this stuff, you should be clawing and screaming that both VA and MT are dem wins. Period. Insert it into the reality and repeat often until it's the truth.

Oh, and Kos is going off on just how "progressive" some of the winning dems were last night. While I agree that Bernie Sanders is a bit more left than most, just to even BE a politician in this country means that you have to hover around the middle. Progressive just means that they're the teeniest bit more likely to help out the middle class. That's it. American politics is conservative. So even the most left politician, when compared to a real lefty, appears to be conservative.


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