Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Holidays and Blogging

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Kinda' difficult to juggle the two. Lately, when I'm on-line, I'm busy looking for gifts for kids, etc. (Adults don't get a lot of gifts from me.) Besides, there's nothing going on in the news that impresses me much. It's all the same drivel as always. The only story that's really piqued my interest is the Saudi Ambassador abruptly leaving his post. Last time that happened was 9/4/2001 and well, we all know what happened then, don't we. Couple that with an interesting post over at George Ure's Urban Survival (do a search for "spy death") about how Litvinenko may not have been poisoned after all, but rather, he may have been working with the Chechens or SOMEone to create a trigger for a nuclear bomb. The conclusions:
Excerpt: The real message, the one found by reading between the lines, not the MSM headlines, is much more frightening. This message states quite clearly that individuals with known ties to Chechen insurgents (beneficiaries of intense support from radical Islamic terrorists from around the world[22]) have succeeded in processing enough nuclear material to produce an exotic substance with one real use – as part of the trigger for a basic nuclear warhead. If these same insurgents have also acquired a nuclear warhead, especially a small nuclear device that could be easily transported, then we have entered into a new nightmare world where terrorists do have a functioning nuclear warhead.

It also means that their supply of Po-210 is almost certainly limited and that every day that passes means their trigger becomes weaker and weaker. Within a year, two at the most, the material obtained with such painstaking effort (if this scenario is true) will become worthless specks of lead. They have no reason to delay in using such a device, if that is their intent.
Well, that outta' keep you up at night. My work here is done.


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