Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I will eventually be able to post again....

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just as soon as I get over the stomach flu.

The stomach flu. One teeny weeny little microbe can take down a whole human body and make that human beg for death or at least sweet, sweet unconsciousness.

But, I did manage to crawl to the computer to check my email and a little bit of news and now this story has upset me more than my flu.
Excerpt:At issue in the Didden case is whether a developer selected to carry out an urban renewal project in the public interest can use the government's eminent domain power in a way that maximizes the developer's profit.

"The 'public use' clause may encompass a lot of public purposes after [the high court's decision in] Kelo, but it does not mean that eminent domain can be used to make the most money possible for one particular person," says Dana Berliner, an attorney with the Institute for Justice, which is asking the high court to take up Didden's case.
If I read it right, and trust me, it's hard to focus through the fever, it seems there's an element of corporate extortion involved. I hope someone here comments on this because I want to understand it but.... I have to [ahem] excuse myself.



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