Wednesday, January 03, 2007


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If you were wondering WTF! Justin Raimondo pieces some of it together.
Excerpt: Now we are back, albeit semi-covertly – using Ethiopia, a major recipient of American arms and technical support, as our proxy – in a new project that ought to be named Operation Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here. In the post-9/11 Bizarro World alternate universe that our leaders and policymakers seem to have slipped into, the Bad Guys have become the Good Guys, and the formerly fiendish Somalian warlords are now part of the "anti-terrorism coalition" that the U.S. is assembling in the region.
Also, don't forget, there are oil interests there. Lots of them.
Excerpt: That land, in the opinion of geologists and industry sources, could yield significant amounts of oil and natural gas if the U.S.-led military mission can restore peace to the impoverished East African nation.
And did you know that there's an emergency landing strip for the shuttle there, in Somaliland?

So, insummation: A history of backing the wrong yes-men, four major oil companies and a couple of Bushes. It's got "recipe for disaster" written all over it.


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