Friday, January 19, 2007

There's already been plenty of commentary

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regarding the Gonzales statement regarding Habeas Corpus and his belief that the constitution doesn't guarantee it for all citizens. Now, he may be technically correct that habeas corpus may be suspended for citizens involved in rebellion or invasion (and I'm not willing to actually think he's even technically correct but it could be argued by some boob somewhere), but with the behavior of this administration and their complete disregard for the rule of law, well, it's a very dangerous statement to make.

We are all rebels now.

Here's Robert Parry's take on it.
Excerpt: Gonzales continued, “The Constitution doesn’t say every individual in the United States or citizen is hereby granted or assured the right of habeas corpus. It doesn’t say that. It simply says the right shall not be suspended” except in cases of rebellion or invasion.

“You may be treading on your interdiction of violating common sense,” Specter said.


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