Monday, February 19, 2007

The Trouble With Predictions

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Is that they have the unfortunate habit of proving a fellow correct, for the most part at least.
At times, as in all things, there are exceptions, and not always unfortunate.
The primary case on my part being that, given all the shenanigans that have surrounded DieBold and the other electronic vote machine suppliers, when predicting the results for the recent mid-terms, the Dems to retake Congress? not a hope! Nice to be wrong on that one.

Of other predictions; a couple proving to be correct, a few heading that way, and a couple await the future. That is of those that spring to mind, should others resurface then perhaps an update later.

Of this pre-emptive strike, known since Nineteen Forty Five as a War of Aggression, the principle charge I might add that the Nazis were indicted on. Actually a mistake in the writing on my part, for a war of aggression has always been such. But to the victors go the spoils, and the spoils in this case being that a war of aggression was to be now deemed a crime against humanity, an interesting concept don't you think?

So when this war of aggression began, to much beating of drums, unfurling of flags and "Patriotic" jingoism, you remember don't you? I ventured an opinion that just like the Vietnam war, for it is impossible not to compare the two, that once again we would witness another generation of messed up young Americans return from the horrors that are modern warfare.
And that this messed up generation of America's patriotic sons would be treated as that other generation of young "Patriots" were treated.
Not yet social pariahs, that as yet remains to be seen, but treated nonetheless, how shall I put it, somewhat shabbily, as the recent revelations from the Walter Reed are showing us, but equally if not more so messed up.

I asked at the time of writing a question, as sincere then as now, not unsurprisingly I still await an answer, there being fewer and fewer that could give me one as the years pass.
It was of those that fought in that other great conflict, the Second Great War, and the question was. Did your generation come back equally as messed up but we just didn't hear about it, or did knowing that having right and fighting for justice and to free the world of tyranny somehow make the burden of you were asked to commit and to witness somehow more bearable?
If there any of that generation reading this and have a desire to give an answer I am sure I am not alone in wondering what your response would be.

On the legacy of Depleted Uranium, that is something I would like to cover separately.
On lighter subjects then, just the two for the moment.

Scooter, (my best defence,I can't remember) Libby. You are toast. Soon to be proved right or wrong.

Keith Olberman will become the next "Giant" in television journalism, or however it is named.

America will look back with fondness at the four dollar a gallon gasoline prices when the House of Saud falls.

As it will surely fall, hastened undoubtedly as a result of my final prediction, that being.
Bush has lit a fire that will not be extinguished in our our children's lifetime, least of all our own.

Should you doubt my last prediction, perhaps then you should watch this fifty minute documentary from Channel Four UK. It bodes ill for the future.


At 3:13 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

About 13-years ago, when my son was twelve years old, he asked me very seriously one day if I thought that he would ever see nuclear weapons used within his lifetime.

I laughed, gave him a big hug, and assured him that the governments of the world had matured past the point where nuclear weapons would ever be used again and that, no, it wouldn't happen.

Two years into the bush/cheney maladministration, when my son was twenty-one, I sat down with him and reminded him of his long ago question and my answer.

I then told him that with bush as president we are virtually CERTAIN to witness nuclear attacks and counterattacks within what is left of my lifetime and not just his much longer span of time left.

bush will do anything to create and protect his "legacy." That legacy includes much death and destruction in his so-called GWOT and I believe he will use nuclear weapons to secure what he thinks is his place in history as "the wartime president" fighting "eternal war" against "terrists" and that he will look for any/every excuse/chance he can to be only the second president to order the use of "nukular weapons."

I weep for my country and what it has become under bush.

At 7:57 PM, Blogger Himself said...

I fear you may be correct Bill.
But what's to be done. Has anyone got the balls or power to remove him constitutionaly, can it be done, Cheney next in line?
Your thoughts perhaps.


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