Monday, February 12, 2007

We Have No Choice! ... or ... We Won't Get Fooled Again!

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You do have a choice. Believe Bush, who lied about Iraq, or believe professionals:
Target Iran: US Able to Strike in the Spring

US preparations for an air strike against Iran are at an advanced stage, in spite of repeated public denials by the Bush administration, according to informed sources in Washington.
Vincent Cannistraro, a Washington-based intelligence analyst, shared the sources' assessment that Pentagon planning was well under way. [...] The military assets to carry this out are being put in place."

He added: "We are planning for war. It is incredibly dangerous."
In another sign that preparations are under way, Mr Bush has ordered oil reserves to be stockpiled.
Colonel Sam Gardiner, a former air force officer who has carried out war games with Iran as the target [...] "Gates said there is no planning for war. We know this is not true.

Target Tehran: Washington Sets Stage for a New Confrontation

The allegations against Iran are similar in tone and credibility to those made four years ago by the US government about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction in order to justify the invasion of 2003.
The allegations by senior but unnamed US officials in Baghdad and Washington are bizarre. The US has been fighting a Sunni insurgency in Iraq since 2003 that is deeply hostile to Iran.
The US stance on the military capabilities of Iraqis today is the exact opposite of its position in four years ago. Then President Bush and Tony Blair claimed that Iraqis were technically advanced enough to produce long-range missiles and to be close to producing a nuclear device. Washington is now saying that Iraqis are too backward to produce an effective roadside bomb and must seek Iranian help.

Ex-Bush Iran official: US seeks pretext for conflict with Iran

Hillary Mann is the former National Security Council Director for Iranian and Persian Gulf Affairs. She warned in the interview that the recent flare up between Iran and the US over the former's alleged assistance to Shi'a militias results from a US desire to provoke conflict with the Iranians.

"They're trying to push a provocative, accidental conflict," Mann said
For a rundown by yet another expert, read this:
NYT Falls for Bogus Iran Weapons Charges


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