Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wrong headline

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"U.S. Find Stokes Fears Of Iraqis' Bomb-Making Ability"
Excerpt: An American military raid in southern Iraq uncovered a makeshift factory used to construct advanced roadside bombs that the U.S. had thought were made only in Iran. The find raises fears that Shiite Muslim insurgents across Iraq may be able to manufacture large quantities of such weapons on their own.
What the headline really should say is:

"U.S. Find Blasts Administrations Iran-Link Claims Out of the Water"


At 11:14 AM, Blogger Himself said...

“That explains why any evidence that inspections may be showing progress, is greeted in Washington, not with satisfaction but with consternation because it reduces the case for war."

I did have a link to the video of his resignation speach given at the commons, the above being part of it, but it has gone the way of a lot of stuff on Utube of late.

He resigned from that Cabinet post in March 2003 in protest at the Iraq war. Robin Cook

But He did have his say from beyond the grave. (see latter half of this article)


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