Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bush Policies Turn World Away from Democracy

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Our worst-president-and-world-leader-ever has finally managed to accomplish something on his own with no help from Mummy and Daddy. The sad part is that the thing he has accomplished will operate to our detriment for decades to come.

bush has destroyed the "democracy" brand and so tainted it that other nations either refuse to practice democracy, or in areas where there is a democratic vote held, they vote into office people adamantly opposed to American hegemony and interests.

Through the AFP News via Raw Story this is being reported:
Fallout from the Iraq war has prompted a new "realism" in US foreign policy…edging out early Bush administration ideals of promoting democracy around the world…US President George W. Bush…still says that ideological change is an integral part of what he calls the "war on terror."…Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice…was "really concerned" last week on the eve of an Egyptian constitutional referendum that opponents said was certain to curb freedoms.…Experts say the crippling war in Iraq has forced Washington to pursue "realist" policies over Bush's earlier "idealist" ways.…"The failure of US policy in Iraq has provided autocratic regimes in the Middle East a reprieve from the pressure to democratize…For Thomas Carothers, [of] the Carnegie Endowment, dictators of the world have beat back democratic principles by presenting them as a new manifestation of US imperialism.…"Some autocratic governments have won substantial public sympathy by arguing that opposition to Western democracy-promotion is resistance not to democracy itself, but to American interventionism.…"Moreover, the damage that the Bush administration has done to the global image of the United States as a symbol of democracy and human rights by repeatedly violating the rule of law at home and abroad has further weakened the legitimacy of the democracy-promotion cause."
So here's another log to throw onto the fire of a bush legacy: the corruption of democracy as politically popular form of government and the contempt of the world for the tenets of democracy as put forth by bush.

As the world watches bush decimate our military, corrupt our government, defy the will of the world and the American people, and continue unabated his efforts to invade and conquer the oil-rich countries, it should be expected that other countries will continue to view American democracy and Americans with utter contempt.

Who can blame them?



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