Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A cornered animal

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Yesterday's press conference seemed to be a study in petulance. Apparently, he wants Congress to accept false and unsworn testimony behind closed doors over sworn testimony in front of the cameras. On top of that, the big document dump had a big Watergate-like gap (complete with a break-in at a democratic party headquarters no less). It almost seems as if bush thinks he's some sort of a cowboy and he's itching for a showdown at the constitutional corral.

But maybe that's only how it seems.

Iran's oil bourse is disconnecting from the petrodollar, and bush needs something to start his war and get everything he doesn't want on the front page pushed into the back section. The surge has put the troops in place and Pelosi has backed down on limiting bush's power to attack Iran. Maybe all this petulance has more to do with the fact that he figures he can do whatever he wants since it won't matter soon enough. Once he gets his war on, he'll be able to ignore whatever demands Congress makes.

So the question is: Will it be a Tonkin thing, a 9/11 thing or something completely brand new and different?


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